lift table price

How much does a lift table cost?

This depends. A standard table of 1000 or 2000kgs standard (made in series with non-modifiable characteristics), with platform inferior to 2000 x 1500 mm and simple scissors usually have a price that oscillates between the 1000 € and 4000 € according to models. For more load and greater size of platform or greater route the prices of the offers that we realize usually oscillate between the 5,000 and 40,000 euros although we make equipment to measure for applications of high tonnage or with special characteristics with investments of more than 100.000 € each unit.

In the market there are equipment manufactured in Europe and Asian equipment manufactured in china with CE certificate. The latter are the most economical but have a lower quality and durability than those manufactured in Europe, which in the long run are not usually cheaper.

At Dexve we know all the models and manufacturers of lifting tables, we work with most of the factories of elevators at the European level, when comparing products, do not hesitate to ask us for advice because if you compare only by price, you probably will not take a good Decision in the medium / long term.

If you want to receive an economic offer with price and term of a scissor lift table, fill out the following questionnaire and we will send you the offer of the lifting table with improvement quality / price that fits your needs. You can use our form for request of price offer for a lifting table.

What are the usual delivery time for lift tables?

Normally two ranges are distinguished, the standard ones made in series with non-modifiable characteristics and those made to measure. In the first case, are equipment that are usually in stock or semi-stock and can usually be delivered in 2-3 weeks.
Tailor-made equipment usually has delivery times of 8 weeks. If they are equipment that requires special engineering, equipment of great tonnage, high cadence or with characteristics out of standard, the terms usually go between the 10 and 14 weeks.