Dexve is a Spanish company based in Madrid, we specialize in indistrial cargo handling equipment, lifting tables, conveyors, cargo handlers, volteadores …. our reason for being is the resolution of problems of our customers and manipuladción Our knowledge of the market in terms of handling solutions in the market. Our objective is to solve your problems of handling and movement of loads with the solutions of better quality / price.

On the other hand, we are exclusive representatives of manufacturers of specific components for the industry (we are not an industrial supply). We are delegates of: Macla, T.M. AVE, Modul Sistem, Mapro Aragon, Marceau, Triax.

Are you in a specific product website if you want more information about our activities or products, visit our main page www.dexve.es



These are examples of customers from different sectors in our supply and installation of industrial machinery:

Logiters FCC Logistics ID-Logistics, Kuehne & Nagel, GSK Smithkline Beecham, Siemens, Laboratorios Rovi, Vosslog, Cofely, CODIMAR, workshops Dim, Shell, Quilosa Selena, Kelox, Fisair, foods Azteca, Qualicaps, Mahou, Lidl, Cisa Electric, Bosch, Logista / Imperial Tobacco, Toyota, Cárnicas Madrigal, Bereiker, Praxair, Tompla, Gerresheimer, CIE Galfor, Joma Sport, Sanimobel, Bridgestone, Saica, Reisopack …

These are some of our clients on the side of our represented:

Grupo Mahou San Miguel, Moinsa, Siemens, Bimbo, advanced technologies, Tahfer, Talleres DIM, Tedelta, Cocacola, Suntory Orangina Schweppes, OSI foods, Cofely, Thyssenkrupp, Zardoya Otis, Minitec, Dematic, DTA, Holcim, Quicesa, CID, Sitasa , Rudeca, Roduro …. And many more, in all of them we are account managers.